We offer a wide range of professional services for Home Owner Associations. Establishing and managing the association is no longer a hassle. We make life easier for the homeowner boards & members.

HOA Establishment
HOA Management
HOA Management and more
Challenges for HOA

HOA Consultancy

We provide a consultancy service to enlighten you about the regulation of establishing the Home Owner Association along with all the necessary legal documents and mandatory requirements. We can also provide you with the Long term plan for HOA maintenance needs. Providing you with the full process and procedure is our Job.

HOA Establishment

Our experts will take the lead to complete the process of establishing your Home Owner’s Association. No more hassle!

• Cover the Legal & Regulation requirements.
• Arrange for General assembly
• Establish the Board of Directors and members
• Create the internal code of conduct.
• Submit the request to the authority RERA

HOA Management

Our high skills team will work with your Board of Directors to concentrate on the big picture – setting policy and strategic planning – while the day-to-day operations are handled by our association professionals.

• Arrange for annual meetings between the board and members
• Coordinate all the banking setup
• Stay compliant with RERA whenever laws change
• Manage the association within budget
• Help the board to keep the residents informed and satisfied
• Provide access to HOA members information
• Help the board effectively govern the members

HOA Management & more..

Under the HOA management, you will also enjoy a wide range of products and services.

• HOA property management (common area)
• HOA maintenance jobs
• Handle the members’ payments and reporting
• Communication & financial reporting.
• Violation reports to the Board.

Challenges of HOA

When it comes to managing your association, HOA board members have the responsibility to understand all the laws and the process and to deal with many difficulties in every step and sometimes it becomes hard to follow up and manage the business over time with the members and building requirements

If your board of HOA you will face the challenges of
• Enforcing the governing documents
• Members consistently violating the HOA rules
• Payment & Budget planning issues

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