When it comes to managing your association, HOA board members have the responsibility to understand all the laws and the process and to deal with many difficulties in every step and sometimes it becomes hard to follow up and manage the business over time with the members and building requirements.

If you are a board member of HOA you will face the challenges of

  • Enforcing the governing documents.
  • Members consistently violating the HOA rules
  • Payment & Budget planning issues.
  • The Board fails to notify its residents regarding meetings and assessments. Many homeowners pay significant dues or fees to their HOA and expect detailed financial reporting that shows where their money is being spent. The lack of communication can lead to residences feeling left out of the loop or missing out on important decision-making.
  • Repairs and maintenance delays and failures.
  • Failing to hold all residents to the same restrictions or rules
  • Member involvement and understanding
  • Understanding HOA law and staying compliant
  • Building a reserve fund for large projects and emergencies
  • Enforcing HOA rules
  • Getting things done at your board meetings
  • Day-to-day operation for any maintenance or urgent cases issues related to a shared area in the property.

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